Quality or Convenience?

Convenience drives so many decisions today. And it's easy to understand why. Your active lifestyle leaves so little time for leisurely pursuits - which might include taking the time to prepare a delicious meal for yourself or your family. So, convenience forces us to make compromises with quality. But not with Smart Pouch® packaging.

Smart Pouch's® patented technology isn't about warming up pre-cooked food. Instead, it allows you to cook a complete meal - including the meat entrees - that is freshly, fully cooked and delicious, just as you would find in the best restaurants. Using its advanced susceptor technology and design, Smart Pouch® packaging focuses the power of your microwave oven, allowing it to function much like a Dutch Oven, cooking frozen chicken, fish or beef. The sealed Pouch also uses the steam inside to keep the meat tender and juicy, while also blending with the sauce and vegetables that are part of each recipe. The results are, in a word, unbelievable. You won't believe your taste buds - and you won't believe what you're tasting came out of a microwave oven.

For the first time ever, Smart Pouch® technology delivers convenience AND quality.